Arla Protein Yogurt Review

February 18th, 2015, by Dylan Thomas
Protein and yogurt are two things that many people associate with one another, but for those on high protein and low carbohydrate diets, yogurt is not always a great choice.

Regular yogurt, like many dairy products, is high in the sugar lactose. Typically 100g of low fat yogurt can contain about 14g of sugar, and that’s prior to the added fruit sugars. The protein content would be about 7g, which is not low, but requires you to consume about double the amount in carbohydrate.

So, Arla have released a new product which aims to replace the sugary snack portions of yogurt.
Arla Protein flavours

Named simply ‘Arla Protein’, the yogurt is actually quark. For those unfamiliar with quark, it is a soft cheese commonly consumed in Germany and Denmark. During the manufacturing of quark, much of the lactose is removed along with the fat, so you are left with a high concentration of milk protein.

Many athletes have been using quark for years as a cheap form of quality protein, particularly as an ingredient for low carbohydrate desserts or for consuming before turning in for the night (the casein is a ‘slow’ protein which helps muscle recovery during your sleep).

How Does It Taste?

Arla Protein is available as 200g cartons in three flavour varieties;

  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry

As soon as you open a carton you will notice that Arla Protein is much firmer than yogurt. It exhibits the typical texture of quark, a sort of middle ground between yogurt and feta cheese, yet is still easy to spoon.
Arla Protein texture

The mouth feel is slightly ‘dry’ when compared to yogurt, but like quark, this improves when you stir the product. It’s thick, but not really creamy as it’s very low in fat. Personally, when consuming quark I usually stir in a small amount of walnut oil to create a creamy texture (and add some Omega-3 EFA).

Nutritional Analysis

The three flavours offer identical nutritional values;

per 200g servingper 100g
Energy140 kcals70 kcals

That gives a macro ratio of 59:38:3 (PRO:CHO:FAT). So, very low in fat and high in protein, but with a protein to carbohydrate ratio which is not as high as quark usually is.

On further investigation of the ingredients I found that the product has added corn starch and sugar! This is pretty baffling. Why take a natural product which is high in protein and low in sugar, then add processed carbs and sugar and market it as a protein snack?
Arla Protein ingredients

Still, the ‘yogurt’ has a much higher protein to carbohydrate ratio than traditional low fat yogurts.


Arla Protein is certainly a useful addition to the shelves of the dairy snack aisle of the supermarket, and they should be congratulated on bringing quark to the public, but why, oh why add sugar?

I just feel this is a missed opportunity in which they could have sweetened using Stevia (or any calorie free sweetener) and removed the corn starch. Maybe even added just a little decent oil to give a more luxurious texture and mouth feel (that’s not to say the product tastes bad) and improve the nutritional content by providing some EFAs.

If that were the case I would wholeheartedly recommend this as a high protein snack for anytime of the day, but particularly for consuming at night. But, due to the sugar content I cannot.

So, I would recommend this as an alternative to low fat yogurts, but cannot recommend it for those of you on a carbohydrate controlled diet.

Reader Comments

Under your "How does it taste" section, you have neglected to mention that this "yoghurt" tastes really bad!
20th April, 2015, by Neil.
Maybe my tastes are subjective due to eating Quark for years, but I wouldn't call it bad. Maybe not what you'd expect from a sweet fruit yogurt though...
29th April, 2015, by Dylan Thomas.
I actually rather like the taste! Much better than protein shakes.
1st June, 2015, by Adam.
Remind me of petit filous in a Way.they nice.
1st June, 2015, by vic.
Love these, taste and texture like fromage frais. A bit disappointed at the addition of sugar but hey Ho doesn't stop me eating it :)
28th July, 2015, by Christine .
As others habe said, it's like petit filous, but a little less sweet. Never had nor heard of quark before, these are now my breakfasts.
21st August, 2015, by Jim.
We picked up these protein pots by mistake thinking they were fruit yoghurt. I must say how lovely they are and the thickness was amazing. I much prefer these to yoghurt and will definitely buy then again. When are you doing a peach or apricot one and can I be your taster? Love love love these x x x
26th September, 2015, by Karen .
When I saw this on the shelves it looked ideal and with the Arla name it was sure to be good. Alas NO. Its really heavy, the fruit is really minced up and has little taste. The consistency is unpleasant and its like eating plaster !! I have given the other 2 pots to friends and they too after 2 spoon fulls discard it. Really really disappointed !! I wont be buying any more.
27th September, 2015, by Simon.
Great article, thanks Dylan. Great website :) keep it up
27th October, 2015, by Kev.
I'm disappointed as a diabetic it's a no go for me so I'm glad it tastes bad ha ha
18th February, 2016, by Clare.
I start by saying i am not eating this product because of an intense fitness regime where protein over night helps repair!! I am following slimming world, not everyone's cup of tea I know but I still hope you value my opinions. For my these delicious yogurts are only 1 syn per tub. I can barely finish one due to the density. Much better alternative to the saccharine ladened Muller light low syn yogurts. I will hunt down 100% natural yogurt and try it with fruit and compare. Thanks for the interesting review Dylan.
24th March, 2016, by LG.
Tastes like shit :))
26th March, 2016, by Co ck face.
Tastes like cunt juice
10th April, 2016, by Fan ny face .
Oooh let's all get healthy shall we and eat yogurt with a little bit of protein in which you'll shit out anyway what a load of old bollocks get a life and don't bother like cock face said it tastes like shit anyway not sure if it tastes like cunt juice though
13th April, 2016, by Who gives a fuck.
tastes good to me! not as nice as cunt juice mind
15th April, 2016, by Matt.
they dont make it obvious that its actually soft cheese either! even on their website, it looks, feels and is clearly trying to look like a yoghurt, it tastes awful
21st April, 2016, by paul jones.
Dylan Thomas is a twat
27th April, 2016, by I'm hard mahummard bruce lee.
Prawn cracker
8th May, 2016, by David dickenson .
I cover my balls with it the wife loves it 💦😛
17th August, 2016, by Peanut .
Hi Dylan.. without the need for slueth talk like some.. Ive heard a lot of talk at my slimming class. And was trying to look up information on it.. i thought it must be totally calorie free.. but ur information has been really interesting. In thst it does contain sugsrs.. i suppose we been told to eat foods with a high protein content.. so it probably wud pass.. im just weary of the tadte an texture...but may give it a go.. tnx
4th November, 2016, by Caitlinmac.. .
Love the comments, keep them coming. It tastes lovely by the way. I came here to feel good and validate my healthy choices re:yoghurt to only discover the torrent of abuse and references to where to put this yoghurt for maximum enjoyment. Shocked and appalled. Try the blueberry.
18th November, 2016, by helloisitmeyou'relookingfor.
just had one of these as a mid morning snack. Taste 7 out of 10, certainly not bad, but a lot of eating in the 200g my biggest issue is the sugar to protein ratio (which i didn't check on purchase) ill accept i just saw the 20g of protein and thought ill have that. definitely not bad and a decent alternative
28th November, 2016, by tartanchef.
Merry Christmas mother fuckers
24th December, 2016, by Santon clause.
Merry Christmas mother fuckers
24th December, 2016, by Santon clause.
It sounded good until you pointed out that they affef sugar and cornstarch back into it. Very disappointed. I will not be trying it.
24th April, 2017, by Joan.
I also purchased thinking this was yoghurt and didn't realise it was quark. It tastes pretty awful. "Feet" comes to mind. I stirred in some blueberries, which made it just about palatable. Wondering if I can make something tastier using plain quark and a few other ingredients at home...
23rd May, 2017, by DeeTee.
I'm so happy that this product exists. As a lactose intolerant person it is very hard to find affordable options for a high protein intake. It even has an enzyme called lactase in one of its ingredients. Very good and helpful product.
12th June, 2017, by Darius.
Update your least in germany it's with Stevia , no sugar
23rd August, 2017, by Dan.
If you want to lose weight I’ll give you a secret, stop eating meat it’s good for your cholesterol as well
7th January, 2018, by Daisy the cow .
Let me tell you a secret if you want to lose weight. Stop eating meat. It’s simple.
7th January, 2018, by Daisy the cow .

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