Coco Pro Coconut Water Review

January 25th, 2015, by Dylan Thomas
Today I got to try a new product from Coco Pro. A drink which combines the natural re-hydration properties of coconut milk, with the recovery properties of whey protein.

The current success of coconut milk is no secret, particularly among the running community. It currently shares equal footing with beetroot juice in popularity amongst those with their ear to the ground or their eye on sports related forums.

What this product brings to the table is the addition of a protein source. The protein used is whey isolate, so it should exhibit a lesser dairy taste than whey concentrate, plus is absorbed that much more rapidly. Perfect for post workout recovery.

Although the use of whey isolate would be the protein of choice when combining with any form of fruit or juice, I was still a little skeptical as to how well these two ingredients would mix, for both consistency and taste...

How Does It Taste?

CocoPro is currently available in original and pineapple flavours.

The original tastes great, very refreshing and not the milky sort of taste you would usually associate with dairy based protein drinks. It’s not too sweet, and not too thick. The pineapple flavour adds a little more sweetness, but not too much. It’s quite subtle.
Coco Pro flavoursCoco Pro comes in two flavour varieties

I particularly like this product after an intense spin session, which always has me losing what feels like half my body weight in fluid. This hit the spot perfect.

An absolute winner to my taste which left me wanting more.

Nutritional Analysis

Each 330ml carton of Coco Pro is advertised as containing 20g of protein with no added sugar and is fat free. The nutritional breakdown for the natural flavour looks like this;

per 330ml servingper 100ml
Energy135 kcals41 kcals

That gives a macro ratio of 66:34:0 (PRO:CHO:FAT). Each carton also delivers 100% of the RDA for Vitamin C.
Coco Pro nutritional informationCoco Pro delivers 20g of protein per carton

So, with the lack of fat you should get optimal absorption of the whey isolate. The combination of hydration, rapid absorption protein and simple carbohydrate make this a great recovery drink for immediately after a run or any intense cardio activity, particularly in the heat or where a lot of sweating has occured.

After longer training sessions, some additional carbohydrate would be advised (such as a banana), depending on your diet.

Is It Worth It?

CocoPro makes a great recovery drink for immediate post race, especially in the summer months. The single serving cartons are perfect for sports bags, rucksacks or race goodie bags (a hint for any race organisers reading this).

The price is about £2.75 per 330ml carton. Quite expensive for a soft drink, but comparable favourably to protein bars.

You can buy Coco Pro from a growing number of online retailers (find out more at the Coco Pro official website).

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