ConQuer Bar Review

August 19th, 2016, by Dylan Thomas
The low carb, high protein #ConQuer Bar does not try to do anything new. With the success of one of the original low carb, artificial sweetener free protein bars from Quest Nutrition, there have been many other bars which have attempted to imitate its success.

At first, the low carb protein bars on offer brought some mixed results. I’m not going to mention any particular brands, but you have probably tried a few. If not, you can consider yourself lucky!

So, we now have the #ConQuer Bar (the #hashtag is intentional and part of the branding) from... well, from Conquer Bar.
The low carb, high protein #ConQuer BarThe #ConQuer Bars ‘unique’ packaging

If you initially thought you recognised the #ConQuer Bar, you would be forgiven. From the name of the product, to the design of the packaging, it does bear a striking resemblance to its major competitor.

How does it taste?

The #ConQuer Bar is currently available in ten flavours;

  • Triple Choco
  • Ohh-Reo (that’s not a misprint)
  • Cheesy Cake Strawberry
  • Power Brownie
  • Cookie Dough
  • Whitechoco Raspberry
  • Peanut Buttah
  • Mom’s Apple Pie
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Banana Muffin Cake

Like Quest bars (there, I said it) these bars do not come with any chocolate or yogurt style coating. They are essentially a solid block of condensed powder.

The #ConQuer Bar texture and taste reviewThe texture is a little on the powdery side.
And condensed they certainly are...

On biting into one of the bars, I was reminded of something akin to a dry, nougat. The texture is powdery and the taste is very sweet. It’s kind of like chewing a piece of highly compressed, flavoured protein powder (which is essentially what they are).

They do not taste too bad, especially if you like your treats to be sweet (and perhaps on the dry side). The other benefit of it’s structure is that it works well in warm climates. I was eating these whilst visiting Leipzig during a very hot spell, and they didn’t melt or become sticky, even when stowed in a hot rucksack.

Nutritional Analysis

So, as many eat these bars for the nutritional content rather than the taste (hey, the world has enough great tasting cookies and chocolate bars), let’s get straight onto the macros.

Each bar weighs 60g, and as the bars are not coated with anything, the nutritional content is pretty much the same for each variety. Below is the ‘Ohh-Reo’ flavour.
per 60g servingper 100g
Energy181 kcals302 kcals

#ConQuer Bar nutritional analysis

So, these bars provide almost 22g of protein with only 180 calories and 1g of sugar! That, regardless of how powdery they taste, is pretty darned good. But, they are pretty much a mouthful of flavoured whey.

Taking into account the polyol content, the above macros give a ratio of 50:10:37 (PRO:CHO:FAT), which puts it in line with the better low carb protein bars currently available.


Although these bars are not up to the taste and texture of the Quest bars, they are not bad. They come in a good variety of flavours, plus they have excellent macros if you’re watching your carbs or looking for a low calorie protein boost.

When purchased by the box, they cost just under £2 each, and can be purchased from the ConQuer Bar Amazon Shop.

Would I buy them again? Yes, I would, especially for hot weather outings.

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Nice article :) I like protein bars that are both crunchy and chewy - if I don't chew, I get hungry really fast. Good protein bar is addictive and have excellent macro profile. just my 2c :)
25th August, 2016, by Patrick @ Protein Bars 101.

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