Eat Lean Protein Cheese Review

June 30th, 2016, by Dylan Thomas
Protein enriched products are becoming more and more popular on our supermarket shelves, and no food group is seeing this trend more than dairy produce. So, it may not be a surprise to most to see a high protein cheddar cheese offering. What may be a surprise is to see this is distributed by MyProtein and is available on their website...

The supplement supplier MyProtein is well known to many amatuer athletes, whether you buy directly from them or one of the other bulk suppliers. But, it is a recent change in distribution to see their whole food products on supermarket shelves using a brand called Eat Lean.
Eat Lean protein cheese from MyProteinThe Protein Cheese is branded as Eat Lean

The Protein Cheese is a cheddar like cheese (instead of the usual cottage cheese, quark style or strained yogurt types of other protein dairy products) which is low in fat and carbohydrate, and appears to be protein fortified.

The cheese comes in blocks of 350g, with each 100g offering 37g of protein. This quantity of protein is more than enough for the protein requirements of most people in a single meal. So, you could use a portion as a low calorie protein snack instead of a protein bar. If used as an ingredient in a recipe, or as a filling for a sandwich, then you will probably not want to use as much.

Inspecting the ingredients, there does not appear to be any fortification present as the only ingredient is 2% fat milk.

How does it taste?

As a snack, the cheese is a little plastic like in texture, with a mild cheddar like taste. It’s not unpleasant, but may not be the cheese substitute that some people with a love for strong full fat cheeses are looking for. I’m not a great cheese lover, so it tastes fine to me, especially when used as a filling for a sandwich with some tomato and pickle.
Eat Lean protein cheese textureThe protein cheese has a slightly plastic like texture, but tastes fine

As the cheese is so low in calories, your diet may allow you to combine it with a little full fat (or at least half fat) cheese spread, which will improve the cheese like taste (for those of you who cannot get enough of the yellow stuff) without ruining the protein content.

Nutritional analysis

In the statistics below, I’ve taken the assumption of a serving being 50g, just to use as an example of what sort of nutrients it provides when used as a quick, low carb protein bar...

per 50g servingper 100g
Energy85 kcals169 kcals

This gives a macro profile of 85:0:15 (PRO:CHO:FAT), which is pretty damn protein centric!


A great addition to the shelves of your local supermarket, Eat Lean Protein Cheese provides an excellent and convenient source of protein to use as a cost effective low carbohydrate protein snack, or to improve the protein content and lower the calories of recipes and sandwiches.

You could also use it in combination with Dr Zaks high protein bread or a Lidl high protein bread roll to get a really high protein, low fat working lunch or snack.

It costs about £4 for a block of 350g, which although is more expensive than other cheeses, is easily worth the price when you consider you can effectively use a block as 7 low carb ‘protein bars’ if you were inclined to do so.

Now, if they would just make a pre sliced version...

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