Good4U Super Bites Review

July 22nd, 2016, by Dylan Thomas
With all the greater concern from the public regarding the healthfulness of our food, particularly convenient snack foods, it’s always a benefit to those of us who are concerned with what we eat and can recognise the difference between something which is actually healthy and something which claims to be healthy just because it’s low fat or what not.

Good4U is a family founded business from Ireland, who appear strong advocates of sustainable, natural and nutritious foods.
Good4U Super BitesGood4U Super Bites come in 40g packets
The Good4U Super Bites are small truffles, made mainly from dried fruit and seeds, crushed into raw little pieces. A bit like the Nakd Bits but smaller. They are 100% vegan and contain no added sugars.

They come in individual snack packs of 40g, in three varieties; Banana & Cocoa, Orange & Cocoa, and Coconut.

How Do They Taste?

I must say, I’ve had a bit of mixed feedback on these from family and friends who tried them. I think maybe this comes down to some of them expecting these truffles to taste sweet, which they are not. They contain no sugar (refined or natural) nor sweetener, and hence do not taste like a sweet treat.
Good4U Super BitesThe small truffles do not taste very sweet...
The flavour is very subtle, and some claimed that they tasted bland with one goignas far as to say that they looked and tasted like rabbit poop (don’t ask). But if you’re palate is more used to vegan or whole, unrefined foods then you may actually find these sweet enough for you.

Personally, I found they tasted ok, but I did not find them a substitute for a treat. I think they would great as an addition to your own trail mix, or as a topping for musli.

Nutritional Analysis

Nutritionally, the varieties are pretty similar (the coconut contains slightly more saturated fat). Below is the coconut variety;
per 40g servingper 100g
Energy160 kcals401 kcals
Good4U Super Bites nutritional analysis

This provides a ratio of 11:47:43 (PRO:CHO:FAT), which makes it an ideal high energy snack for active people or during endurance activity.


If you like them, Good4U Super Bites will provide a nutritious, vegan snack or a useful high energy endurance fuel source for activities where fast acting energy sources may not be suitable.

But, if you’re looking for something healthy to replace your chocolate bar, then you may wish to look for something sweeter...

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