Introducing The Egg Nutrition Calculator Tool

July 13th, 2016, by Dylan Thomas
With the introduction of the new Nuutrii Tools section, we include our first tool for the health conscious egg lover to help in the kitchen when planning and preparing meals, recipes and packed lunches. The Egg Nutrition Calculator...

Eggs are a great source of protein and fat, but almost all athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and those wishing to control their weight, at some point want to avoid taking on so much fat whilst still wishing to take advantage of the excellent protein which is abundant in eggs.

As most of the protein is found in the white (plus the vitamin b, selenium and phosphorus) and pretty much all of the fat is found in the yolk, then those wishing to control their fat intake will often separate the white from the yolk. Or, mix whole eggs with egg whites to retain some of the fat, vitamins and flavour that the yolk contributes.
separating egg whitesSeparating the white from the yolk is a convenient way of reducing the fat and calories in a recipe.
You may also wish to hit a target quantity of protein, but remain within a limit of calories in order to meet your planned diet.

This often leads to questions regarding the total nutritional composition of the combined whole eggs and separated egg whites.

The egg nutrition calculator will allow you to experiment to find a combination of whole eggs to egg whites which provides the protein and calories for your particular needs.

How To Use The Egg Nutrition Calculator

The calculator is easy to use, and has been optimised for mobile devices for convenient use when in the kitchen. It’s easier to clean egg yolk from tablet and mobile screens than a laptop keyboard!

First, select the egg size from the drop down list, choosing small, medium, large or very large.

Then select the amount of whole eggs, egg whites or even just egg yolks (who doesn’t love custard?).
whole egg and egg white protein calculatorThe calculator provides calories, protein and fat contained in combinations of whole eggs, egg whites and yolks.
The nutritional information will update immediately on any changes, and provide you with the total calories, protein and fat in your selection.

You can find The Egg Nutrition Calculator in the Nutrition Tools section.

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We have updated the egg nutrition calculator with an improved user interface for mobile devices.
16th August, 2016, by Dylan Thomas.

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