T Plus Green Tea Review

July 29th, 2016, by Dylan Thomas
Green Tea has always been a firm favourite with fitness and health enthusiasts, and for good reason. Now, a new product from t+ (that’s T-plus) introduces a green tea with even more potential health benefits...

So, what have "the smarter tea company" done to the magic Japanese brew to improve it?

Well, firstly each variety of tea is flavoured with fruit and herb extracts. Nothing new here as many tea distributors have done the same thing. But, t+ have added additional vitamins and minerals to each variety in order to create teas specific for certain conditions, health requirements or time of day, and paired them with suitable flavours.

t+ varietiest+ comes in a variety of flavours
So, we have four blends;
  • Boost, pomegranate and raspberry with B vitamins, yerbe mate and ginseng,
  • Detox, apple and blackcurrant with B, C, milk thistle and ginger,
  • Immunitea, orange and blueberry with C, echinacea, ginseng and spearmint,
  • Multea, lemon and peach with 9 essential vitamins, cardamom, rosemary and spearmint.
Maybe the Detox should be called Teatox... (see what I did there?)

The micronutrient content of each brew is not as high as that which you would obtain from a pill, but the benefit is that you obtain the nutrients over a more prolonged period throughout the day, potentially assisting in absorption and utilisation.

How does it taste?

Personally, I really enjoy the taste of green tea, but many of my friends dislike it due to it’s quite harsh flavour. The t+ blends are a bit smoother due to the addition of the fruit and herb extracts which helps to take the bitter edge off. It’s quite a subtle thing, but nonetheless effective and may get you drinking green tea if you’ve turned away from it in the past.

Each tea bag comes individually wrapped and just needs to rest in a cup of hot water for a few minutes (I usually just leave mine in the mug). No different from other herbal teas really, but be aware that the bitter taste of green tea can increase if you leave the bag for too long.
t+ varietiesDon’t leave the bag too long if you dislike the bitter quality of green tea
You could also chill the tea after brewing and drink as a cold drink during the hotter weather.

The Vitamin Angels Project

t+ have also pledged to assist Vitamin Angels, a project dedicated to providing mothers and children essential vitamins which may be lacking from their diets due to malnutrition.

For every box of tea purchased, t+ will donate £0.10p to the project, and the funds from the purchase of two boxes of tea will provide a child with enough vitamin A for a year.

You can find out more about Vitamin Angels and the work they do at the Vitamin Angels website.


They are not the cheapest of green tea bags, but at £3.69 for a box of 15, they compare with other quality tea manufacturers. Whether or not you require the additional vitamins in your diet is up to you, but they do taste good regardless.

Plus, you can also be reassured that your assisting with their vitamin angels project (which may even make you feel better than the added vitamins!).

You can find more information on the t+ range at the t+ website. The tea can be purchased from most supermarkets, or a better deal can be obtained from the t+ Amazon store.

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