UFIT Pro 50 Review

February 18th, 2015, by Dylan Thomas
Ready made bottles of protein shake have been available for some years, but the recent interest in higher protein diets has seen more brands appearing on supermarket shelves. One such brand is the protein drinks co.

The Protein Drinks Co. has several offerings in their range, each catered toward particular lifestyles. In this review we take their UFIT Pro 50 product for a taste test, and take a look at what’s inside the bottle...

The UFIT Pro 50 range is aimed at the sport and active lifestyle market. The product boasts an impressive 50g of quality protein per bottle, with a naturally thorough amino acid profile. It’s also fortified with vitamins, minerals and fibre, and has no refined sugars.
UFIT Pro 50

When looking through the ingredients, it is apparent, like most ready made protein shakes, that this is essentially skimmed milk with added milk protein. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you’re watching your carbohydrate intake then be aware that this contains lactose.

As the protein source comes from fluid milk and milk protein concentrate, this will be mainly a combination of whey and casein. Both great protein sources which provide the aforementioned amino acid profile.
UFIT Pro 50 foil sealUFIT Pro 50 comes foil sealed with a replaceable plastic cap

Each bottle comes sealed with a foil cap to ensure it remains fresh, and a plastic replaceable lid for easy storage if you don’t want to consume the whole bottle in a single serving. The drink needs to be consumed within 24 hours of removing the foil cap.

How Does It Taste?

UFIT Pro 50 is currently available in only two flavour varieties (although these are the two most popular flavours for the UK market);

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry

On pouring you will find that this is thick, not too thick, but it’s aimed at the consumer who likes the thick, creamy variety of milk shake.
Pouring UFIT Pro 50A thick, creamy consistency when pouring

My first taste was a little greasy and left a slightly oily texture on my tongue. I think this is from the added vegetable oil. The bottle does instruct you to "shake up your health", so I replaced the cap and gave it a good shake. After the shaking the texture improved and was more creamy as opposed to greasy. Much better!

The chocolate taste is quite mild. More like a lower cocoa content chocolate bar, not the rich chocolate flavour I would expect, but this is entirely down to taste. If you like your chocolate flavoured shake to have a deep chocolatey taste then you may not be impressed. If however you prefer a smoother, milder flavour which is easier to consume post exercise then this may be spot on.

Strawberry flavoured products are not my usual choice, but this was very pleasant. The milder flavouring benefits the strawberry and is not too sweet or artificial tasting. A much more natural strawberry flavour

Nutritional Analysis

Between the two flavours available, the macro nutrient content varies only slightly. Micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are the same;

per 500ml bottleper 100ml
Energy329 kcals66 kcals

Those macros are from the strawberry flavour (with the chocolate being slightly higher in fat). They give a profile of 64:22:14 (PRO:CHO:FAT).

This makes it particularly good for recovery for those of you who are not being too strict on your carbohydrate intake (unless after exercise). The carbohydrate is not really high enough for a post workout shake, and the protein source is a much slower release than whey isolate (typically used in post workout formula).

So generally, a good slow release protein product suitable for anytime of the day as a convenient snack, but not ideal for post workout or pre bed.


Although the first taste did not impress me, after shaking it was very good, although the chocolate did not satisfy my cocoa addiction. If you are into thick, creamy milk shakes which have a milder taste then this will probably suit you perfectly.

Protein content is good and most people could use a single bottle as two servings, which would provide 25g of protein in 165 calories. That’s a protein to calories ratio which rivals the best low calorie protein bars. If you’re a weight lifter who is currently bulking, then a whole bottle would provide an excellent and convenient snack (to complement your boat load of bananas and oatcakes).

A handy quick fix protein drink, but at about £3.75 per bottle, like most ready made protein shakes it’s slightly on the expensive side to be considered a regular contribution to most people’s protein regime. But when split amongst two servings or as a convenient treat, it certainly gets a decent thumbs up.

Reader Comments

I use this to boost my protein intake along with white meats and fresh vegetables in my daily dietary intake. Used for the treatment of encephalopathy.
8th July, 2015, by Marco.

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