WheyHey Protein Ice Cream Review

January 15th, 2015, by Dylan Thomas
Too often have I come across healthy snacks that claim they are a healthy alternative to an unhealthy treat. The truth is, you can’t make a cookie, muffin or cake ’healthy’ by adding a scoop of whey protein.

It’s what is NOT in the product which makes it healthy, not the addition of extra protein. And the NOT in question is typically refined carbohydrates, sugar and fat. A cheesecake is not bad for you due to it being low in protein, it’s due to the large amounts of sugar and fat with not much else to offer nutritionally.

So, I was a little sceptical when trying a new ice cream from WheyHey which claims to be a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream. I was expecting regular ice cream with some whey protein added...

But, what WheyHey have done is to create a frozen desert which is not only high in protein, but is also low in fat AND sugar free!
WheyHey Protein Ice Cream rangeWheyHey is high in protein AND low in sugar and fat!

The protein used is whey isolate, so the ice cream has the excellent amino acid profile that whey protein offers. There is no soy, hydrolysed gelatin or other cheap filler proteins, and the fact that they have used isolate rather than a concentrate is some indication to their commitment to providing a high quality product.

As the product is water based, contains no sugar and very little fat, the texture is provided by some gelling agents. This appears to have been whipped to produce a light ice cream like texture. It’s slightly chewy, but not in an unpleasant way. Also, there is no gelatin, so this is suitable for vegetarians.

The product is sugar free, sweetened using Xylitol (a natural polyol), so if you have any issues with consuming polyols then that is something you will want to consider before purchasing.

How Does It Taste?

WheyHey comes in three flavours;

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry

The vanilla flavour is quite mild. It tastes quite milky, something like the old ‘Milka’ ice cream lollies I used to have as a child. A good neutral flavour as a dessert or for using in your own recipes as it will probably take on flavours quite well without distorting them.

The Chocolate flavour is probably my favourite. It has a rich cocoa taste, not bitter, but certainly one for the chocolate lovers. The taste is similar to the Lindt dark chocolate truffles, which happen to be my favourite cocoa hit. I had to restrain myself from eating the whole tub in a single sitting.

As for the Strawberry flavour, I’m not usually keen on strawberry as a flavour as it often tastes too artificial (more sweet than strawberry), but this was good. It was not overly sweet and actually tastes more like strawberry than strawberry flavoured yogurt.

If your freezer is particularly cold, then you may need to place it in the fridge for a few minutes before eating as it can freeze quite solid which makes it difficult to get through with a spoon.
WheyHey Protein Ice Cream textureA texture similar to ice cream...

Nutritional Analysis

Each flavour varies slightly which is a good sign as to the accuracy of the nutritional information. But the variation is slight, and typically looks like this;

per 150g servingper 100g
Energy154 kcals103 kcals

That gives a macro ratio of 54:2:25 (PRO:CHO:FAT). The discrepancy in the macro breakdown is due to the presence of polyols, which are providing 19 calories per 100g (or 18%) and are not included in the CHO score.

This would make the product ideally suited for recovery or body fat reduction. Eat it as a snack on it’s own, as a light dessert after a meal, as a late night recovery meal before bed, or after any meal which needs a boost to its protein content to meet your needs.


I was definitely surprised at this offering from WheyHey, both in it’s nutritional content and it’s taste. I even liked the Strawberry flavour which is certainly something I would not have previously gone for.

For me, I will be going for the chocolate flavour as a late night treat, and the vanilla for making sugar free desserts.

Now, roll on the summer...

Where Can You Get It?

Wheyhey! Protein Ice cream retails at £6.50 per 500ml tub and £2.50 per 150ml tub. You can obtain it from a number of health food shops, some gyms or direct from WheyHey.com.

You can also obtain it from Amazon UK, which will also help fund Nuutrii.

Reader Comments

I think the strawberry one tastes as complete rub*ish-pasty consistency, artificial & chemical taste-not worth the calories (for extra 50-70 kcals you can get real ice cream) nor the price. Horrific product!!!
18th February, 2017, by Sandis.

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