Lonsdale Pro Bar 30 Review

November 22nd, by Dylan Thomas
If you’re looking for a low carbohydrate protein bar which is also low in cost, then read on...

The Pro Bar 30 from Lonsdale delivers exactly what it says on the wrapper. 30g of protein in a bar.

It is available in four flavours;
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Strawberry and Cream

What’s amazing is the price. At only £1.50 per bar, this seems a price too good to be true for a low carbohydrate bar...
The Pro Bar 30 from LonsdaleThe Pro Bar 30 is what it says on the packet

How Do They Taste?

I tried the Chocolate Fudge flavour, and can honestly say it tastes ok (if you like chocolate fudge). It is very sweet though, but, you know, it’s fudge.

The chocolate coating tastes like chocolate, and it’s a deliberately thin layer so as not to add to the carbohydrate content of the bar. But still enough to give it a chocolate taste.

Overall, the taste is ok. It’s not great, but if you like fudge you will like this.
The Pro Bar 30 tastes like fudgeTaste and texture is very much like fudge

Protein Source

The source of the protein is a mixed bag. The primary ingredient is a protein blend consisting of milk protein isolate, whey concentrate and calcium caseinate. So, all from milk.

The second ingredient is hydrolyzed gelatin, which is essentially animal by-products such as connective tissue, ligaments, skin, bone, etc.

So, not a bar suitable for vegetarians or for people who are concerned about the quality of their protein and do not want to eat cow hooves.

Nutritional Analysis

Each bar weighs 70g, and delivers the following macros;

per barper 100g
Energy239 kcals342 kcals

Discounting the carbohydrate from the polyols, that gives a macro ratio of 53:4:24 (PRO:CHO:FAT). That is pretty damn good for a low carbohydrate protein bar.

Final Verdict

This bar is particularly well suited to anybody on a fat reduction or cutting diet due to it’s very high protein to carbohydrate and fat ratio.

It is not suitable for vegetarians, those who are concerned about the quality of the ingredients or for those who want something more natural (I would certainly recommend bars from Nakd or Trek for those looking for something with no surprising ingredients).

But, it must be said that for only £1.50 per bar from high street stores (currently only Sports Direct) and from Amazon UK, this is not bad at all.

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