Nakd Bits Review

November 26th, by Dylan Thomas
The nakd line of products from Natural Balance Foods have focused on providing natural wholesome snacks which have a very limited amount of natural ingredients

The nakd Bits are the newest product to be introduced into the range, with the longest product being the nakd bars (I will review these popular bars in another article).

The nakd Bits are essentially small, bite sized cubes which are made using the same ethics and process as the nakd bars.

They contain dried fruit (primarily dates and raisins) and cashews which have been ground and cold pressed into shape. This means you get only raw ingredients as the process involves no cooking.

There are also no artificial flavourings or sweeteners present (and I’m even counting granulated sugar as an artificial sweetener here). All flavouring and sweetness comes direct from whole dried fruit.
Nakd Bits from Natural Balance FoodsSmall bite sized cubes of raw dried fruit and cashews

How Do They Taste?

Nakd Bits are currently available in three different varieties;
  • Cocoa Delight
  • Cocoa Orange
  • Berry Delight

The chocolate varieties do not contain actual chocolate, but instead have raw cocoa powder added to the mix of fruit and cashews before being cold pressed.

They have a moist, chewy texture with a very natural sweetness which is neither sugary nor has any artificial aftertaste. The texture and taste is quite similar to a dense, rich, fruity Christmas cake, except it does not contain any flour or other processed carbohydrates to form a cake base.

Overall, they taste awesome. The chocolate variety provides a very satisfying chocolate like taste without the high fat content of cocoa butter.

Nutritional Analysis

The nakd Bits come in packs of 35g and typically have a nutritional breakdown as follows;

per 35g packetper 100g
Energy135 kcals386 kcals

That gives a macro ratio of 9:51:35 (PRO:CHO:FAT), which places them into the energy category.

Although the sugar content is a very high proportion of the total carbohydrate, this is from the whole fruit (not refined or juice) which decreases it’s glycemic impact. Coupled with the fat from the cashews, this evens the energy release off nicely.

Taking into account it’s modest protein content, simple carbohydrate and fat content, these are a perfect energy source for long endurance activities and ultra distance. Even better due to their small bite sized servings which can be consumed in small portions throughout your training, even whilst running or cycling (probably not swimming!).
Nakd Bits perfect trail mixConvenient bite sized pieces make a great addition to trail mix

Final Verdict

I have to say, I’ve become a bit of a fan in regard to the products of Natural Balance Foods, both their Trek range (for the additional protein) and the nakd range (for the whole ethics of creating purely natural simple snacks).

The nakd Bits will definitely be on my purchase list for endurance activities from now on. I will be mixing these with roast coffee beans for my trail mix on my next long distance trail event.

They can be purchased from some supermarkets, health food stores, direct from Natural Balance Foods or from Amazon (which will also help Nuutrii).

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How many actual bites makes up a 35g portion though?
16th March, 2017, by Ayesha.

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