Almond & Cinnamon, Coconut Keto Icecream
This is a great pre or post workout treat for those on a ketogenic or low carbohydrate diet. The virgin coconut oil is a highly rich source of Medium Chain Tryglicerides (MCTs) which can provide you with an extremely efficient fuel for your workout. The guar gum adds fibre which combined with this being a sugar free dessert, will help those on a weight loss diet. I love to have one of these waiting in the freezer for me after a run, especially in the heat!
Apple & Blueberry Protein Porridge
A great pre run or bike breakfast for those winter and autumn months, using seasonal fruit. This offers a good range of carbohydrate, all from natural sources with no added sugar. Backed up with enough protein to see you through your mornings training session. The apple and blueberries should be sweet enough, but you can always add some more berries, Stevia, honey or whatever your preference if it's not quite sweet enough.
Apple & Cinnamon Porridge
This porridge is a great winter warmer, or as a prelude to a long run. It smells and tastes just like hot apple pie on an autumn morning...
Apple Sesame Porridge
This is a high protein variation of the apple and Cinnamon Porridge, with added sesame seeds.
Aubergine Rarebit
If you're watching your processed carbohydrate intake and missing a bit of cheese on toast in the evening, then try this simple recipe which just uses slices of toasted aubergine in place of bread. This is a great recipe to be used as a snack or as an accompaniment or sharing starter. You can even add other items, such as cherry tomato, mushroom or worcester sauce.