Bacon & Grape Protein Pancake
This was an experiment which just worked! A high protein savoury pancake recipe which adds a little bit of sweetness to the bacon using fresh grapes. They taste great together! You can use smoked or unsmoked bacon depending on your preference, but try to remove the rind as it works better nutritionaly and taste better with less fat. As a lower fat alternative try using smoked ham. Any grapes can be used, I've tried both the balck and green variety and they both work equally as good with the bacon. This recipe should make four large savoury pancakes which can be shared as a snack, or eaten all to yourself as a main.
Bacon & Mackerel with Sun Dried Tomato
I love this mackerel recipe. It's a tasty way to get your EFA's and provides plenty of nutritious greens whilst your eating a low carbohydrate diet. You don't really need any oil as there is enough fat from the mackerel and bacon. The spinach amount is a guideline. Just fill your pan with as much raw spinach as you can, or use however many frozen spinach balls as you wish.
Banana & Cacao Multi Grain Protein Porridge
Even a hearty, nutritious bowl of porridge can be turned into a luxurious, almost dessert like treat. The flavour of banana and chocolate, with the cruchy cacao nib topping is delicious. This protein porridge combines oats and rye to give a more sustained energy release and satisfying coarse texture. You can use any protein pwder you please, but I find it works best with an unflavoured whey concerntrate, casein or milk protein. Alternatively you could use a chocolate flavoured protein powder and remove the cocoa powder...
Banana Protein Porridge with Cottage Cheese
Sounds a bit weird, but this high protein porridge tastes great and is perfect for breakfast or post workout. By slicing the banana thinly and stirring into the porridge, it warms up nicely and provides natural sweetener and a great contrast to the chilled cottage cheese on top. As we have two main protein sources coming from the whey and the cottage cheese, this meal has an excellent amino acid profile, providing all the essentials to assist with building or repairing tired muscles. (just check out the profile below!) It's also delicious with flavoured whey, such as vanilla, or a half teaspoon of cinnamon!
Banana, Cinnamon & Honey Multi Grain Porridge
A hearty porridge which will satisfy any sweet tooth. The combination of the four grain types gives a great texture and a more nutritious breakfast (or any time of the day). The ingredients are for a standard multi grain porridge rather then a protein porridge. To increase the protein, just replace the fluid with whey in water or stir in some egg whites. To work out the weights of the grains for your calorie needs, you can use the Food Weight By Calories Calculator to see what weights of each grain to use.
Bang Bang Pork
A tasty, oriental inspired high protein, low carb meal. Ideal for lunch boxes and reheating using a microwave oven. This dish not only packs 40g of high quality protein, it is also full of great fats from the nuts and seeds, and contains no processed carbohydrate. The broccoli provides plenty of fibre (always useful for those low carb days) and packs a powerful micro nutrient punch. A great lunch for your rest days or anytime where you want a quick low carb meal. It's so simple to make and can be prepared in a large wok for a batch of your own ready made meals.
Barley & Oat Protein Porridge
This is a basic recipe for a high protein porridge made with pearl barley and oats. Barley should be pre-cooked in water (takes about 1 hour), which can then be refrigerated for later use.
Barley with Lime & Poppy Seed
This is a quick snack which you can make using pre cooked pearl barley. Great during carbohydrate loading. It is also suitable as a side dish to a accompany a more protein rich course, or even as a light dessert due to it being under 200 calories per serving.
Basic Protein Pancake Batter
This is my standard protein pancake batter for the large variety of pancakes as served in the UK. The batter can be used to make savory or sweet pancakes by adding some granulated sweetener to the batter. I use reduced fat almond flour for this batter, but you can use any flour (preferably low carbohydrate) or even all whey protein powder. It works better when using a 50/50 ratio of whey to flour though. This should yield four large pancakes.
Beetroot & Raspberry Tart Smoothie
A vibrant coloured protein smoothie using beetroot and raspberries which packs a powerful nitrate punch. Beetroot juice has been receiving a lot of attention lately, due to it's claims of improved running performance in athletes who consume juice prior to a race. This is due to it's high nitrate content. This protein smoothie combines the benefits of beetroot in a protein shake, and adds some sweetness from the raspberries. You may want to sweeten it further using some artificial sweetener or increasing the amount of raspberries, it's quite tart.
Beltsander Brownie
This Beltsander Brownie has become quite an internet favourite. A very quick and simple way to make a gooey, hot, chocolaty pudding, similar to a chocolate fudge cake.
Black Olive & Ham Frittata
A classic recipe with reduced carbohydrate content by removing the potatoes and replacing with plenty of lean chopped ham. Make sure you use an oven proof frying pan because you will need to finish cooking in the oven.
Blueberry Protein Pancakes
These pancakes are a great low carb alternative to regular pancakes and offer over 40g of high quality protein. They do not have the chewy or plastic texture of other high protein pancakes due to the almond flour creating a better texture. Drizzle with honey or your favourite low carb syrup alternative.
Breakfast Bircher
Bircher has lately become one of my favourite breakfast recipes. It doesn't take as much time to prepare as you would think, as it's only the porridge which requires cooking. It offers such a great blend of flavours and textures. Warm creamy protein fortified porridge, cool yogurt, crunchy muesli, chewy seeds and topped with sweet honey. It has it all. This is a pretty standard, non fruity bircher recipe. No frills, but yummy and a good high protein breakfast.