Calorie Free Syrup
This is a simple recipe to make calorie free syrups which you can use with drinks, desserts, porridge or pancakes. Flavouring is provided using any artificial flavouring of your choice. I've used caramel in the recipe, but you can use whatever calorie free flavouring you prefer. This goes great on whipped, strained yogurt or protein ice cream. Drizzle it over protein pancakes or add it to your porridge in place of honey. It's so delicious and versatile!
Calorie Free Syrup
Calorie free syrups have become quite popular amongst fitness enthusiasts and dieters, many of which are pretty expensive. This recipe is an incredibly easy and cheap way of making calorie free syrups and sauces for use as a topping to many low carb desserts, protein ice cream, protein pancakes and porridge. The ingredient list below is for a caramel flavoured syrup, but you can replace the caramel flavouring with any calorie free flavouring, or add cocoa powder for a chocolate alternative. You can also reduce or leave out the sweetener if your looking to create a savoury type sauce. My personal favourite is a combination of chocolate and caramel... You can thank me later... =)
Caramel & Marmite Protein Mousse
There are certain flavour combinations which sound strange but just work together. Salted caramel, s'mores and peppered strawberries are some examples... Caramel and Marmite taste a little like a cross between salted caramel and s'mores due to the malt like under-taste from the Marmite. With all the benefits of the vitamin B complex and iron from the Marmite, this is no junk treat but a highly nutritious protein packed delight! If you want a smoother, higher calorie version of this delicious mousse, try adding some almond butter or a whole raw egg to the mixture. Both work really well and produce a richer texture and velvety mouth feel. For the caramel flavouring, I use MyProtein toffee flavouring. You could use any cake flavouring or a caramel flavour protein powder.
Caramel & Meringue Protein Dessert
This is an amazingly simple dessert to make, and is packed with protein and very little else. If you do not already have them available, you will need to make the Sugar Free Meringues and the Caramel Syrup in advance, but you can make them in a batch and keep them refrigerated for later use. I love this as a dessert or as a high protein snack before bed, to help recovery during sleep.
Caramel Coffee Meringues
These meringues taste great, and are so easy to make. They contain almost no calories, so a completely guilt free treat with your coffee, or to add as a topping to your protein icecream. You can use either egg whites from natural eggs, or egg whites from a carton, it makes no difference. Careful how much you use. With two large egg whites, you can make about eight to ten meringues. They can be kept in the fridge in an air tight container for about four days.
Caramel Cream Protein Muffins
Most protein muffins can be a little dry and chewy due to them being baked mostly from whey or almond flour. These sugar free muffins have a delicious high protein creamy centre, which makes them moist and reduces that chewy texture often associated with low carb baking. Each muffin delivers almost 20g of protein in under 130 calories. The protein comes from a combination of whey, casein and soya, a great combination. If you do not have low fat cream cheease available, you can substitute with quark or strained greek yogurt. All have a similar nutritional profile but the cream cheese is stiffer, which helps when placing in the centre of the muffins. A great protein packed, low sugar snack to be enjoyed any time of the day (but especially with a large black coffee).
Cauliflower & Onion Mash with Mustard Seed
This is a great alternative to mashed potato, and with the addition of the onion and mustard, it creates a more satisfying texture. Great as a side to meat, with gravy or a bit of tomato ketchup. Very satisfying when trying to keep your carbohydrate intake to a minimum. This recipe will create two very generous servings. As an alternative to the soft cheese, try using smoked cheese or parmesan.
Cauliflower Cottage Pie
A high protein, low calorie version of that hearty classic, the cottage pie! This version vastly reduces the carbohydrate content by using a cauliflower and cheese topping, which tastes just as great. I've added borlotti beans to the mixture, rather than carrot, to reduce the carb content further and increase the protein. But, feel free to add any other vegetables you wish. Enjoy this with some brocolli and cabbage with a little gravy. Or just serve it alone with some ketchup. It makes about five generous portions.
Cauliflower Pizza Crust
Cauliflower pizza crust is delicious, and gives someone who tries to limit their carbs or avoid wheat and gluten a tasty, pizza-like experience. This is true especially if you bake the cauliflower crust until very set and crisp, and if you prefer thin-crust pizza anyway.
Chewy Peanut Butter Protein Bars
These chewy bars taste a bit like a peanut butter flap jack. They are quite high in calories, but deliver almost 30g of protein and are pretty low in carbohydrate. You can use any type of nut butter, both the smooth and crunchy variety (I use a mixture of both types). They are quite sticky, so best to wrap each bar in grease proof paper. This also makes them easy to store and eat. This mixture makes a single bar, but just multiply the amounts to make as many as you require.
Chocolate & Nuts Protein Yogurt
Chocolate and peanut butter are one of those matches made in heaven. This provides a great serving of protein and EFAs in a single nutritious snack. Perfect as a low carb high protein snack, or before bed to provide your body with everything it needs to build muscle while you sleep.
Chocolate & Peanut Butter Protein Muffins
This is a variation on the cream centred protein muffins, and one not to be missed. The muffin is flavoured with vanilla and dark chocolate chips, but when you bite into one you get a delicious creamy peanut butter filling. These muffins have 20g of protein each, at only 175 calories and with no added sugar. A delicious snack, dessert or addition to any lunchbox.
Chocolate & Peanut Butter Smoothie
This protein shake is thick, without having to use fats or ice. It get it's texture from the egg white and yogurt. It also contains a great source of essential fats from the peanut butter and flaxseed. A tasty way to get a high protein snack without carbohydrate.
Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie
This protein smoothie really does taste of cheesecake, seriously! You need to try it. You don't need to use milk due to the cottage cheese, which also makes it thick. Also, make sure you blend it long enough to remove the lumps of cottage cheese... For the raspberries I used frozen berries. They're much more convenient than fresh berries and also make the smoothie thicker (and chilled).
Chocolate and blueberry protein dessert
This dessert is perfect for a high protein snack before bed or as a treat anytime of the day. I think it has to be chocolate flavour. Just because...
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding
A delicious, high protein snack or dessert which does not require any cooking. Chocolate and peanute butter is a match made in heaven! Any chocolate flavoured protein powder can be used. I prefer to use casein if I'm making this at night, to ensure I get a constant supply of protein while I sleep. Use crunchy peanut butter if you prefer the texture, alternatively you could use whole peanuts and allow the blender to break them up.
Chocolate Protein Peanut Butter
A great high protein spread for toasted bread. If you use the dark chocolate type spread, then you only need a little. Or, you could use cocoa powder.
Coco Pro Protein Pancakes
If you like coconut, then you will love these delicious high protein pancakes. Containing around 13g of quality protein per pancake, they are also sugar free, lower in carbohydrate and have all the added electrolytes that are found naturally in the coconut water. You will need a carton of Coco Pro high protein coconut water to make this recipe. The Coco Pro is fortified with whey isolate which provides this recipe its high protein content, and means that you don't need any protein powder. I'm also using a fat reduced almond flour, but you can use regular almond flour or any alternative to wheat flour. Serve with a dollop of strained greek style yogurt for an indulgent, guilt free pancake day treat! You can find more information on Coco Pro in our Coco Pro review over on the nuutrii blog.
Cocoa Oat Truffles
I am a sucker for all things chocolate. Especially truffles. Especially that first bite of a truffle, when that luscious chocolate coats your tongue and makes you want to just eat chocolate truffles all day long. Of course, chocolatey desserts are a once-in-a-while treat for me – because I wouldn’t say they’re the healthiest things in the world :) So yesterday morning I set out with the task of recreating that luscious feeling of a chocolate truffle, without all of the cream and fat that normally goes into the recipe. Did I succeed?
Coconut & Pineapple Protein Recovery Smoothie
This is a really refreshing way to rehydrate and repair after a strenous cardio session. The coconut water offers natural electrolytes to help you rehydrate, the whey isolate provides rapid digesting protein to help muscles recover and the pineapple provides added carbohydrate to replenish lost muscle glycogen (and it tastes nice). The lime juice gives it a pleasant tang to balance off the sweetness. I also prefer to add a Stevia tablet, but that depends on how sweet you like it and how much pineanpple you use. I prefer to use frozen pineapple chucnks as it's not only more convenient, but also makes the smoothie thicker and cooler on a hot day. If your looking for something with more carbohydrate (perhaps after a longer run) then you can add more pineapple or maybe try this Green Recovery Smoothie recipe. Great after a run, especially in the heat.
Coffee & Walnut Cream Protein Muffins
This is a great protein muffin recipe for anybody who is a fan of coffee and walnut cake, or just coffee. The muffins are flavoured with coffee and pieces of walnut, with a sweet coffee flavoured creamy centre. 20g of protein per muffin and only 5 grams of carbohydrate with no refined sugar. There aren't many protein bars which can offer 20g of protein with only 160 calories, and these are much cheaper to make! You can increase the amount of coffee in both the muffin mixture and the centre. The quantities listed in the ingredient list give quite a mild coffee taste. Hope you enjoy!
Coffee & Walnut Ice Cream Pie
This recipe relies on WheyHey protein ice cream to create a high protein frozen variation on a classic coffee house treat. Luckily this pie is only about 160 calories per serving, with no added sugar. If you're anything like me you'll end up eating half the pie in a one sitting! The pie also delivers over 16g of quality protein per serving, which makes it ideal to aid with post training recovery. The walnuts not only provide additional protein, but they are also one of the best sources of omega 3 fats obtainable from nuts. I am using low fat almond flour, but you can substitute with regular almond flour if you do not have any available. It will increase the calories but not the flavour or texture of the base. For more information on WheyHey check out the WheyHey Protein Ice Cream review.
Creamy Nut Butter Protein Breakfast Bowl
This thick, creamy, high protein breakfast bowl tastes incredibly indulgent. It looks like your sitting down to a whole gatue topped cheese cake to yourself! I often have this when on the go, or as a breakfast on a rest day. You can often see me eating it from a plastic container at airports! Rather than just peanut butter, try it with other types of nut butter, both smooth and crunchy for a difference in texture. After it has set, I like to top it with sliced berries and an additional sprinkling of ground flaxseed.
Custard & Almond Porridge
This is a high protein porridge recipe with a lovely custard flavour from the egg yolk. The almonds add that bit of crunch to the topping...