Deluxe Protein Drinking Chocolate
This is an amazing chocolate drink. It contains very little fat and carbohydrate, yet creates an incredibly thick, creamy and luxurious chocolate drink due to the blended cottage cheese. This version has been made without the use of protein powders, but you could reduce the amount of cocoa and sweetener and replace with chocolate flavoured protein powder instead. This would increase the protein content further. So far, I've not tried heating this drink. I think something wierd may happen to the cottage cheese when heated. If anybody wants to try then please let me know in the comments.
Dr Zaks Bodybuilding Bread Pudding
A super high protein version of this very traditional British recipe, made using Dr Zacks High Protein Bread. This bread pudding is also much lower in carbohydrate than traditional bread pudding. This is due to the absence of any refined sugars, being replaced with sweetener and the natural sugars from the dried fruit. The protein bread is lower in carbohydrate than other breads, and the milk has been replaced with almond milk and whey powder which creates the milk like taste without the lactose and fat. Finally, the butter has beend replaced with low fat cream cheese, which gives a great milk taste without the fat and boosts the protein content even further! This is not just a tasty and filling high protein snack. You can enjoy it as a dessert by warming it and serving with some custard. For more information see Dr Zaks High Protein Bread Review over in the blog
Dr Zaks Protein Eggs Florentine
Eggs Florentine makes such a decadent breakfast or brunch, but it need not be the high fat version you're used to. With Dr Zaks high protein bagels and a modified hollandaise sauce recipe, it can be a high protein super breakfast that your recovering body needs after a demanding session the previous day. The hollandaise sauce is made using natural Greek yogurt instead of the usual butter, which greatly reduces the fat and increases the protein content of this dish even further. This dish contains an impressive 50g of protein from a variety of quality sources, making it a superb recovery recipe for weight lifters or any athlete looking to recuperate on the weekend. Best enjoyed on a summer morning with your partner and some hot, freshly brewed black coffee (and maybe the Sunday papers).