Easy Thai Style Tuna Fish Soup
This is a very simple way of creating a tasty high protein soup with minimal carbohydrate and fat content. Great as a low carbohydrate snack when cutting, or something for supper for overnight recovery. Plenty of fluid with the lime and celery will also help with hydration.
Egg Protein Mousse
This protein mousse is perfect for consuming before bed, especially if casein is used as the protein powder. The texture is really light and fluffy from the plended egg white, and the yolk adds a subtle creamy, custard like taste. It contains minimal carbs, and a great mix of slow release protein from the casein powder and egg. The fat from the yolk will also slow the digestion further to ensure you get a good release of protein while you sleep. Personally, I find this works bext with either vanilla, banana or even banoffee flavoured protein powder, but experimentation with all the unusual varieties will find you a favourite (turkish delight perhaps?)...
Eggs Baked in Portobello Mushrooms
Eggs baked in portobello mushrooms make a fun weekend breakfast, a great lunch, and even a vegetarian dinner when served with a big salad. Choose large, firm portobello mushrooms, that are not too flat (or the egg will spill) nor too deep (or the egg will take forever to cook).