Five Grain Coconut Protein Porridge
If your bored with the usual oat porridge, or maybe you have tried a simple multi grain porridge recipe and what something more adventurous then this recipe is perfect. It contains a blend of five different grains, combining creamy whole oats, the richness of rye, a smooth texture from the bulgur and quinoa, with healthy fats from the flaxseeds. To add to the healthy fats, it's cooked in coconut water which adds a subtle flavour without overpowering the grains. The protein is from egg whites, which improve the consistency of the porridge. If you do not wish to use egg whites then you can just replace them with some whey protein powder.
Frozen Vegetable Protein Smoothie
This smoothie looks and tastes like icecream. It's packed with all the nutrients you require for recovery from a hard training session, except the carbohydrate. With the addition of cinnamon, ginger and turmeric, it delivers a powerful anti-inflammatory to aid recovery. Any berries or vegetables can be used, just ensure that you blend it until smooth to avoid coming across lumps of solid vegetables in your icecream! I'm using cherries here, for their anti-inflammatory properties, but you can substitute with any berries as long as their frozen.
Fruit Bircher
I had the idea for this during breakfast at Restaurant Sat Bains. They made this delicious bircher which had all sorts of interesting textures. I enjoyed it so much I went about creating my own high protein version. This version appears very similar to the original, except with the addition of the whey protein. Enjoy...