Green Recharge Smoothie
For me, this has become one of my favourite methods of quick recovery after a mid length run. A great source of fast acting protein combined with lots of natural sugar (plus all the vitamins) helps you feel yourself again and prolong that post run buzz. Personally, I use frozen fruit. It not only makes the smoothie thicker and more refreshing, but it's so much easier to keep chopped frozen fruit ready for when you need it. I also keep the mint leaves frozen as it's not something you use on a frequent basis. About the mint... It adds a really refreshing zing to the shake, but be careful not to overdo it! You may find a single leaf is enough as it's pretty strong. Good for your protein breath but you don't want your smoothie tasting of toothpaste! Another tip; if your hands are shaking post run, use a straw. Having half of it over your face is not a good look...
Green Tea & BCAA Jelly
Great for recovery, this unusual dessert is packed with the anti oxidants of green tea and coupled with the repairing qualities of the branched chain amino acids. Plus, it's just 8 calories per serving! You will need some green tea bags (not listed in the ingredient list) or other herbal tea if you do not like the taste of pure green tea. You can increase the amount of amino acids, but be cautious as they taste quite bitter so you may need to adjust the amount of sweetener. You can taste the mixture while is is still in liquid form and adjust accordingly.