Ham & Mozzarella Melt
An indulgent high protein pizza substitute that lacks the calories and much of the fat of conventional pizza. The whole meal pitta also provides slower release carbohydrate than conventional pizza dough, and makes it very quick and easy to prepare.
High Protein Cheese Spread
This is a great way to add extra protein to your breakfast. Depending on the consistency of your soft cheese, you may not need to add any milk. This is just to get to a spreadable texture after adding the whey powder. This recipe creates enough cheese spread for two generous portions. It's great when spread straight onto toasted bread, but even better with a little peanut butter!
High Protein Hummus
For most strength athletes, falafels, veggies and salad do not quite cut it in the protein department to be considered a complete meal. So, bring on protein hummus! This stuff tastes and feels just like the real thing, but packs in a great, complete protein punch bringing your protein lacking snack up to a muscle building and repairing meal. I usually have 2 servings of this (made from a standard 300g tub of cottage cheese), but as dip it this smaller serving size works better.
Hight Protein Scrambled Eggs
This is a recipe for healthy scrambled eggs using some alternative ingredients. Usually, removing the cream and butter from scrambled eggs causes them to loose their fluffy texture. This recipe uses natural strained yogurt as a replacement, which still produces a fluffy texture. It also has a much better nutritional profile due to the use of whey protein powder to increase the protein percentage. Great served on a couple of pieces of freshly toasted whole grain bread, Burgen, or even just on it's own.