Kale & Aubergine Frittata
This recipe is perfect for those following a low carb diet or for those looking for a high protein, reduced carb breakfast on rest days. The body of the frittata is made from kale, which here creates a much tastier and lower carb substitute for the usual potato base. If you can't get half fat mozzarella, then regular mozzarella is fine or any reduced fat cheese can be used as a substitute (depending on your calorie requirements). Also, you can use any combination of whole eggs to egg whites, but it works best if you have at least one yolk in the mixture, plus at least one yolk to use as a topping. The egg yolk on top is wonderful when broken and forms a rich sauce over the cooked frittata. To help you with estimating how many egg to use, you can use the Egg Nutrition Calculator in the nutrition tools section.
Kale & Soya Casserole
This is a very easy high protein casserole which can be quickly put together and used in an office lunch. A quicker way to make this is to just add the boiling water directly into a container with all the ingredients, stir and then seal and leave. You can then just microwave the whole thing when ready to eat.
Kidney & Butternut Squash
A very easy and nutritious, high protein stir fry with complex carbohydrate. The carbohydrate comes from sweet potato, beetroot and kale, providing slow release energy, plenty of micro nutrients and a sweet flavour which compliments the kidneys. This is great when cooked with star anise, just make sure you remove it before serving.
Kiwi & Poppy Seed Porridge
Add a bit of an unusual twist to your breakfast oats with this kiwi and poppy seed recipe. The poppy seeds give a slight peppery flavour to this porridge, plus the combination of oats, whey protein and fruit means that this is a great meal for training recovery at any time of the day.