Lentils with Sun Dried Tomato
A great side to go with lamb or other rich meats. It can also be prepared as a meal on it's own for the vegan athlete, as it contains adequate protein from the lentils.
Liver & Broccoli Satay
Thus is a great satay recipe for ketogenic or low carbohydrate diets. Liver and peanut butter may sound like an odd combination, but they work so well. The noodles used are carbohydrate free, and are high in soluble fibre, so a good addition to any keto meal plan in order to increase your fibre intake. If your keto, then try to limit the broccoli to no more than 100g (unless your daily intake caters for it).
Liver and Chilli Stir Fry
This stir fry packs a great range of essential amino acids, so a great meal for recovery or building muscle. Careful with those chillies though...
Liver with Sun-dried Tomato
A great liver dish perfect for your low carb recovery days. The sun dried tomato tastes great and gives a nice sweetness and added texture to the liver. The aubergine is also pretty filling and high in fibre, so a good hearty evening meal particularly when your reducing calories
Low Calorie Breakfast Quiche
Start the day off completely satisfied with this wonderful, low calorie breakfast casserole Perfect for this weekend! It’s really simple to make and freezes great too. Each serving has just 147 calories, 4 grams of fat and 3 Weight Watchers POINTS PLUS. I think you’re going to LOVE it!
Low Calorie Cheesecake
This is a very light cheesecake alternative. The batter contains beaten egg whites to make a lighter consistency, less dense than traditional cheesecakes. The base is made from rice cakes which have been sealed with beaten egg whites, which prevents them becoming soggy from the topping.
Low Carb Custard
This custard is made with Almond Milk, so is low in carbohydrate as well as being sugar free. It can be used for pouring on desserts, as a stand alone dessert or used in other recipes such as triffle. If using for pouring, then it is best served hot, otherwise it can be allowed to chill which will cause it to set slightly. You can use dairy milk instead of the almond milk. This will provide a creamier taste but be aware that it will increase the calories and carbohydrate content.
Low Carb Protein Mocha
This is a low carb, sugar free protein mocha. Tastes almost as good as those from your favorite coffee shop, except without all the added sugar and a decent does of protein.
Low Carb Rice Pudding
Some low carb recipes require a bit of 'open mindedness' regarding your expectations of what you accept as a substitute for the original. Others, you would hardly know the difference. This recipe falls roughly in the middle. The cauliflower is sufficiently neutral in taste to avoid creating an overpowering flavour, which is diminished further with the addition of sweetener and flavouring. It's how I would imagine rice pudding if it were made from basmati rice. Anyway, this definitely satisfied my childhood memories of mums creamed rice, and is incredibly easy to make!
Low Carb Salt and Pepper Cod
This is a healthy alternative to one of my favourite Chinese takeaway treats. Salt and pepper dishes tend to be battered, which then absorbs much of the oil making it both much higher in calories and processed carbohydrate. This recipe uses only a light dusting of sesame flour so does not soak up much of the oil. The cod itself is non porous so will also not soak up the oil. The total calories do not take into account the frying process, so this will add about a teaspoon of oil to the total dish (if you allow the to drain and sit on kitchen roll before serving).
Low Carb Smoothie
This is one of my favourite smoothies. The green colour comes from the spinach, but it doesn't taste green. It basically tastes of whatever flavour protein powder you use. It has a great, smooth, creamy texture due to the almond butter and whole egg.
Low Fat Turkey Bolognaise
This is my usual recipe for making a low fat pasta bolognaise suitable for carb loading prior to a race. I want to keep the fat low to keep a higher proportion of the calories from carbohydrate. The carrot adds additional carbohydrate. You can substitute the turkey mince for any low fat mince, such as chicken or extra lean beef or pork mince. I would not try using lamb unless the fat is not an issue. I strongly advise using fresh basil leaves. These smell and look great when torn and thrown on top.
Luxury Soya & Rye Natural Protein Porridge
This high protein porridge tastes as luxurious as it looks, and uses no protein powders, just raw, natural, high protein ingredients. The rye works better than oats when mixed with the soya as it provides a grainier porridge which adds texture to the otherwise textureless soya mince. The eggs not only add a richer taste, but also add texture and help bind the porridge as soya does not have the same emulsifying effect as cooked oats. Delicious, high protein and lower in carbohydrate than traditional porridge. This is not a low carb porridge, for that look at one of the soya porridge recipes or reduce the rye and soya to 35g each.