Maple Syrup & Cinnamon Barley Porridge
If you've not tried barley porridge then you really should. This recipe uses whole pearled barley rather than ground barley meal. This gives a much better texture and retains the low GI of the grain. The is a porridge with an American inspired flavour combination (or should that be flavor). Cinnamon and maple syrup are great together. If you don't have real maple syrup at hand, then you can substitute honey, agave nectar or plain syrup. It's much easier to make this if you have prepared barley available, or even partially cooked barley. If not, you will need to cook the raw barley grains for about 30 minutes before using in this recipe.
Mixed Berry & Walnut Porridge
A great fruity porridge which can be made with any variety of berries (I'm using blackberries in the ingredient list). This is a high protein porridge (with added whey concentrate). You can replace this with any unflavoured protein powder if you wish to make a paleo version.
Mushroom Patty Melt
We used quarter pounder patties/burgers from ground turkey breast meat here, but feel free to use thigh meat or a mix of the two. The darker thigh meat has a little more flavor, but also a little more fat. This recipe also works using a chicken, beef or veggie burger.