Paprika Beef Stir Fry
A really quick and simple high protein stir fry made with lean beef mince. It's tasty, a bit spicy (but not too much) and pretty low in carbs. You can use any combination of vegetables but I would avoid roots if you're trying to control carbohydrate. Onion, mushroom and aubergine just happen to be my favourite for this dish. This will also go really well with some rice, but you may want to add some tomato pasata to increase the sauce as it's quite a dry dish.
Peanut & Pine Nut Turkey
Turkey is a great low fat meat, but you don't have to stick with the breast meat when creating low carbohydrate meals. The little fat which is available in the brown meat adds important calories to an otherwise lean meat. The peanuts and pine nuts add more fats, great taste and a little variety to the protein. The leek adds fibre and bulk to the dish and gives a better taste than onion, although you can replace it with any vegetable within the onion family (spring onions would work well).
Peanut Butter & Caramel Protein Muffins
These are currently my protein muffin of choice as they are so simple to make a large batch of muffins. Each muffin contains about 15g of protein and under 150 calories. The addition of the walnut oil allows the muffin to remain moist without taking on the plasic like consistency that some protein muffins have. The dired soya mince can be replaced with soya flour or some other form of non-grain flour. If you have a muffin tray which can create large muffins, then you will be able to use the mixture for six muffins. I split it into eight as it tends to rise quite a lot.
Peanut Butter & Oreo Barley Porridge
This is a bit of the good, with just a little bit of the bad... You can vary the amount of 'bad' by only using a half Oreo, or removing the white filling. But, trust me, this tastes great, and could even be a way of getting your kids to try eating both porridge and barley.
Peanut Butter & Pine Nut Barley Porridge
Barley creates a delicious, smooth porridge, which goes really well with smooth peanut butter and pine nuts. As the pine nuts are not hard or crunchy like other nuts, the textures go really well together.
Peanut Butter Brownie Protein Bar
The aim of this bar was to get 30g of protein into an easy to make, low carbohydrate bar. This protein bar recipe uses soya mince as the source of its bulk and texture. This means that it does not create a rubbery texture like many other baked bars.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies
A great tasting cookie with none of the sugar of regular biscuits and only half a gram of carbohydrate. This took a bit of practice, but they are now very cookie like. With the current bake time, the centres are still a little cake like with a crunchy exterior.
Peanut Butter Soya Protein Pudding
This makes a great high protein recovery breakfast when on the go becuase it can mixed the night before and left overnight in the fridge. It requires no cooking or re-heating, so can just be enjoyed anywhere. Both the taste and texture is similar to a rice pudding, and the consistency can be adjusted to suit by adding guar gum or other form of emulsifier. The carbohydrate content of this dish comes mainly from the soya and yogurt, both of which have very minimal impact on blood sugar levels, so it's fine if your watching your carb intake or trying to keep your blood sugar levels under control. Perfect topped with sliced strawberries, blue berries or a little sliced banana, then sprinkled with some seeds or a bit of ground flax. Best served in the morning with a black coffee!
Pear & Pistachio Oatmeal
Pear and Cardomom taste great with the Pistachio Nuts in this high protein oat porridge. The pear adds enough sweetness, but if you prefer your porridge a bit sweetener, then add some Stevia to the blended mix or top with a teaspoon of honey.
Pineapple & Mango Cottage Cheese Smoothie
Cottage cheese is a great source of protein and calcium, particularly if you're in a bind with no protein powder available. Very refreshing and a great way to recover immediately after training. This shake is pretty thick, so you may need to add some sort of milk or just water if your blender is struggling with it, or it's too thick to draw through a straw. This also depends on the consistency of the cottage cheese. You can make this smoothie using any fruit (I've used pineapple and mango in the ingredient list). If you use frozen fruit, it creates a much thicker shake.
Pineapple, Lemon & Ginger Protein Smoothie
This delicious, light protein smoothie is fantastic at breakfast time and makes a much more nutrient dense alternative to your breakfast orange juice. Also, fresh pineapple is regarded as one of the only source of bromelain, which potentially could help with reducing inflammation and joint pain, and also benefits digestion. No need to add any water if your using ice cubes, just use as much as you need to get the desired thickness.
Plum & Goji Berry Oatmeal
This high protein oat porridge is packed with the goodness from the nutrient dense goji berries. The plum and goji berries make a delicious porridge. It's sweet, but not as sweet as you may think. You may find you want to top with a teaspoon of honey or agave nectar (or add sweetener). Great to eat after training, or just as a tasty healthy breakfast.
Pork Chop with Courgett, Radish & Pine Nuts
Chops are probably my favourite cut. Having your meat direct from the bone is so much more satisfying. This recipe includes plenty of fibre and good fats from the oil and pine nuts. Roast radishes are great, and offer a nice colour variety to your plate in contrast to the courgette (or zucchini depending on where you come from). Good, hearty, healthy main course, great on recovery days.
Protein Cauliflower Ice Cream
This is one of my favourite things on a hot day. Easy to make and tastes and looks decadent as something very fattening! It's actually just a whipped, frozen, vegetables and protein smoothie in disguise as ice cream! You can use any vegatables, but just be aware that strong tasting vegetables will change the taste, and darker vegetables may give an undesirable colour. I usually add some frozen spinach and red cabbage without affecting the taste. You can also use any flavoured protein, or use artificial flavouring. With a combination of different vegetables, berries and flavured protein, the combinations are almost endless. My favourites include salted caramel, cafe mocha, white chocolate and raspberries, chocolate peanut butter, banana and popcorn and key lime pie.
Protein Jelly Dessert
This is an incredibly simple high protein snack or dessert. Experiment with different flavoured jelly powders, the ones I've tried all work well with the protein powder. You can use any form of protein powder, but ensure you use a natural or unflavoured variety as it may effect the taste of the jelly crystals. Plus it will probably be too sweet. Great to make as a batch and store in the fridge for quick protein snacking!
Protein Packed Chocolate Mousse
This protein mousse is not just high in protein, it's also sugar free and low carb! It tastes incredible, retaining a rich creamy taste with a light fluffy texture, achieved by using a little single cream and folding whipped egg whites into the mixture. I use a combination of unflavoured whey and chocolate flavoured casein, but you can use any combination and any flavour protein. If you are using all flavoured protein then I would not add sweetener as the flavoured protein should contain enough. Make this in a batch, either in individual bowls or in a sealable plastic container for scooping from after dinner, before bed or anytime you need a delicious protein snack. Just try not to eat the whole tub in one sitting... Tip : Try decorating with some shavings of dark chocolate.