Raspberry & Black Peppercorn Frozen Yogurt
I know this may sound a bit odd if you've never tried peppercorns and raspberries, but trust me on this... The two flavours go great together, just be careful not to use too much pepper. If you don't have peppercorns available, then you can use some ground black pepper but use less (maybe just a pinch). A great dessert or light protein filled snack before bed.
Reduced Carb Muesli
Muesli is usually made using a variety of grains, which are a great nutritious source of carbohydrate, but maybe not what you need when on a low carb diet. This muesli is much lower in carbohydrate and higher in protein than standard muesli. It is made from chopped nuts and seeds, with a little sweetness from the goji berries. I use strained or greek style yogurt rather than milk because it's more filling (the nuts and seeds are high in calories so don't make a full bowl). Strained yogurts (such as Total or Danio) are also much lower in carbohydrate than standard low fat yogurt. If your requirements can cater for it, you can also add some chopped fruit (I've used a pear in the picture).
Reduced Fat Broad Bean Hummus
Hummus is not generally regarded as being unhealthy, but most prepacked varieties contain a lot of fat due to the amount of oil which is added. Traditional hummus, although not low in fat, is certainly not as high as those from the supermarket. This hummus is more akin to traditional hummus and produces a much thicker texture which is also lower in fat. It also works better as a spread than the oily variety. It produces about 8 generous servings, but this depends on how much you pile on your falafel! Best served with some falafel, vegetables or pitta.
Rhubarb & Custard Porridge
This rhubarb and custard recipe tastes almost as good as rhubarb crumble only without all the sugar. This is easy to make in a blender, but you can make it easier by firstly chopping the rhubarb and stripping away the stringy outer layer. The custard flavouring is provided by the sweetened egg yolk, so if you want to reduce the fat content by removing the yolk, be aware that it will no longer taste like custard. This is a high protein version due to the addition of the whey protein powder, but you can remove the whey if you don't require the additional protein. It has no affect on the taste. You may want to add additional sweetness to the porridge using a spoonful of honey. Rhubarb is very tart...
Rhubarb & Pumpkin Seed Porridge
Something appropriate for autumn and halloween maybe? This spiced rhubarb and pumpkin seed porridge includes cinnamon to give it that seasonal taste. A great oatmeal breakfast for any time of the year, but especially when recovering or trying to increases muscle mass due to the added whey protein which will provide almost 30g of protein. I've used almond milk in the ingredients but you can use any milk, I just find the slight nutty flavour goes well with this recipe.