Saucisson Sec & Chicken Salad
This is a quick and tasty salad, high in protein and a decent level of fats. Go with a good qaulity virgin olive oil to add flavour. Saucisson Sec is thick, dry cured sausage from France. It's similar to salami, which works as a substitute if you have no saucisson sec available. It's made from pork and is not spicy like chorizo, but has a 'mature' flavour due to the curing process. I'm using lambs lettuce in this recipe, but you can substitute with whatever salad leaf you prefer (rocket may be too strong for this). Also, add as much leaves as you like as it will not effect the nutritional profile.
Seitan Patty
This is a standard recipe for making seitan patties using Wheat Gluten Flour, which can be used as burgers, roasts or as an addition to casseroles. If you're vegan or vegetarian and have not tried seitan, then you really should give this a go. I'm personally not vegan, but prefer seitan burgers over conventional processed meats. It's very high in protein (containing around 80g of protein per 100g of flour), and low in both fat and carbohydrate. It also contains no cholesterol. It goes without saying that you should definitely NOT try this if you are in any way intolerant to gluten. You can replace the water with any liquid (stock, soy sauce, liquid smoke, etc), and can use more or less depending on the firmness of the dough you require. You can create a more chewy texture by kneading the dough for longer. Seasoning is entirely down to personal taste and can include anything you desire.
Soya Porridge
I've been trying to come up with an idea for a relatively low carbohydrate porridge for some time... I came up with this idea entirely by accident whilst cooking something unrelated. It was whilst making a meat free sauce that I noticed how the consistency was very much like porridge. This porridge is both high in protein and much lower in carbs than other porridge. It's made with soya and bound with whole eggs. The eggs are quite important as it creates the porridge like feel when combined with the soya and milk, but you need to stir in the egg thoroughly unless you want lumps of scrambled egg in your porridge! If you prefer a low fat variety, you can simply use egg whites instead of whole eggs using the Egg Nutrition Calculator.
Soya Protien Breakfast Bircher
This is an alternative bircher recipe for those on a reduced carbohydrate diet. In place of oats or other grains, it uses textured soya protein mince (or often referred to as soya mince). The soya mince absorbs fluid in a similar way to oats, so that it expands and produces a firm texture. You can flavour it with any form of fruit, berries or nuts, or just eat it plain with some cinnamon. The addition of the cottage cheese or greek yogurt will produce a creamy texture and improves the amino acid profile of the protein. I'm constantly experimenting with different flavours of this recipe as it's become a firm favourite of mine as a breakfast to eat at my desk when on a recovery day.
Spiced Banana & Raisin Porridge
This porridge recipe is a variation of a banana loaf recipe. The spices go really well with the sweetness of the banana and gives a great autumn smell. The combination of banana and oats make this porridge a great pre race breakfast or supper when carbohydrate loading for endurance activity.
Spicy Mackerel & Spinach Stir Fry
A delicious, spicy recipe which is rich with quality protein and omega 3 oils. The spinach also provides a great source of vitamin A and K, as well as a good source of iron and magnesium. Just what you need for healing muscles. The dish is very simple to make, and only requires a single pan. Using pre-cooked smoked mackerel means that you just need to break it up with your fingers and throw it in. Using mackerel with added spices (such as mexican or piri piri) will make the dish even quicker! This makes a perfect dish for those on a low carbohydrate diet, or those on a recovery day.
Spicy Tomato Protein Muffins
If your looking for a spicy snack for your lunch box, these are perfect. They're tasty and go really well with some salad or pickles. They're also really simple to make and pack really well. Each muffin contains over 13g of protein with about 80 calories per muffin. The protein comes from a combination of lean turkey and soya, which provides a great amino acid profile for recovery or muscle building. As these muffins are so low in both carbohydrate and fat, they are perfect when trying to get a bit leaner and drop some of that body fat. For a variation, try increasing the chilli and paprika if you prefer a spicier kick, or increase the amount of sundried tomato and tomato paste if you prefer a sweeter taste. For me, they are about right with the listed amounts shown in the ingredient list below.
Spicy Tuna & Tomato Soup
When autumn arrives, soups and stews are some of my favourite evening snacks. There's nothing better than coming in after a trail run or mountain biking expedition to a warm bowl of soup with good bread. This high protein soup is also low in carbohydrate, so an excellent afternoon snack when trying to reduce body fat or just on a quiet recovery day. The combination of balsamic vinegar and paprika add a little smokey sweetness which blends really well with the ripe tomato and fresh basil.
Spinach & Cream Cheese Protein Pancakes
These savory pancakes are too good to wait for pancake day to enjoy. They are filled with a low fat cream cheese and spinach centre, which can be enjoyed hot or cold. They are made using my standard high protein, low carbohydrate pancake batter, but without sweetener. You can replace the low fat almond flour with regular almond flour, sesame seed flour, coconut flour or any non grain flour to retain the low carbohydrate quality. This should create four large filled pancakes which can serve two people as a snack or one person as a main. I like to have the four as a main because they are very moreish!
Spinach & Tomato Baked Eggs
This varies from the classic baked egg recipe by using strained Greek yogurt, which increases the protein content and reduces the carbohydrate and fat. Easy to prepare as a started or a high protein snack.
Spinach Pancakes
These delicious spinach pancakes are crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. They’re very good as a side dish, or as a vegetarian main dish. If you celebrate Hanukkah, these spinach pancakes make an excellent substitute for traditional latkes.
Strawberry & Kiwi Protein Smoothie
Simple and delicious fruit based smoothie made with whey protein and soya milk. The combination of the kiwi and strawberries provides a good source of vitamin C and Potassium. You can of course use any milk (or even water). I just prefer to use soya milk because drinking this much dairy milk tends to make me a bit bloated...
Sugar Free Almond Egg Custard Bowls
A simple dessert or snack which you can make in a batch for consumption later. The custard bowls are quite similar to a creme brulee, but without the sugary top crust and a nutty flavour. This recipe contains very little carbohydrate and no added sugar. Great for a quick treat or to add to your lunch box as a substitute for sugary yogurts. The added almond topping is optional, and you can choose to use sliced, crushed or even a whole almond for decoration.
Sugar Free Custard
This sugar free custard can be used for pouring on desserts, as a stand alone dessert or used in other recipes such as triffle. Although sugar free, this custard still contains natural sugars from the lactose, so is NOT low carb. For a low carbohydrate alternative see this recipe for low carb custard. If using for pouring, then it is best served hot, otherwise it can be allowed to chill which will cause it to set slightly.
Sugar Free Meringue
A simple recipe for sugar free meringues. These can be eaten as a very light snack, or used as part of other recipes.
Sugar Free Peanut Butter Sauce
Low calorie peanut butter sauce.
Sugar Free Protien Trifle
Trifle is probably one of my favourite desserts. It's something my dad used to make regularly as it was also his favourite and probably the only dessert he knew how to make! So, I really wanted to come up with a healthy low sugar version which was also high in protein, without spoiling my childhood memories of the taste. I think I have achieved it with this very easy trifle recipe. You can reduce the carbohydrate content of the dish further by using all almond milk in place of the cows milk. Or, if you prefer a creamier texture, use all half fat milk.
Sunshine Breakfast Barley Porridge
This barley recipe makes a great all round breakfast porridge, containing everything you need for to start your day, great protein, a mixture of carbs, a little fat and plenty of vitamin C (maybe with the addition of a hot coffee). I use the whole orange, including the peel, but feel free to remove the peel if it's not to your liking. The peel will give a zesty, slightly bitter taste which can be offset using honey or sweetener, whichever you prefer. You will find this easier to make using partially prepared barley (see the notes below for details).
Super-charged CARROT CAKE protein smoothie
A smooth naturally sweet smoothie, perfect for breakfast.
Sweet Potato & Beetroot Bites
I came up with this recipe whilst carb loading and trying to come up with a change to the usual baked sweet potato meal. These are perfect for carbohydrate loading as they contain minimal fat and protein, but plenty of slow release carbohydrate. They are great served on their own, or used as a filling with pitta, flat breads or tortillas. The spice blend is just what I used during the first try, but you can experiment. Ginger works particularly well with sweet potato, and you will also benefit from its anti inflammatory properties. Chopped shallots are also a great addition. Perfect for the day before a marathon!