WheyHey Cherry Chocolate Bomb
A rich, decadent high protein dessert which contains no added sugar. The cherries are lower in carbohydrate than most fruits and have a very low GI, which coupled with the sugar free dark chocolate and WheyHey sugar free ice-cream, this makes a great dessert for those on a low carbohydrate or ketosis diet. (most of the carbohydrate comes from the polyols in the WheyHey) When the bomb is set, you can crack it open with a spoon to reveal the chocolate and cherry interior.
WheyHey Spiced Berry Chocolate Bomb
This high protein frozen dessert is made using WheyHey protein icecream and contains no refined sugar or processed carbohydrate. This dessert has a crisp dark chocolate outer, which contains a spiced, crunchy ice cream centre made with strawberry ice cream, whole berries and crunchy oat granola. The cinnamon and nutmeg complement the sweet berries and bitter dark chocolate. It is best to use frozen berries. I've used a combination of blackberries and raspberries, but any mixed berries can be used. The more variety the better. I've also used sugar free dark chocolate which you should be able to get from most supermarkets. For more information on WheyHey check out the WheyHey Protein Ice Cream review.
WheyHey Sugar Free Eaton Mess
Classic Eaton Mess is a dessert served at Eaton College on the 4th of June. It's typically made with whipped cream, meringue and strawberries. By making your own sugar free meringues, this Eaton Mess recipe is free of added sugar. It is also contains over 32g of quality protein, from the strained yogurt and the protein ice cream from WheyHey. The meringues take the longest to make, so it is worth making a batch and refrigerating them for future use. It doesn't matter what shape they come out of the oven or if they collapse as you will be breaking them into pieces when creating the dish. A fantastic dessert for the health conscious, those looking to build muscle, recover from a training session or whilst reducing body fat. Your guests or partner will not believe that this is sugar free! For more information on WheyHey check out the WheyHey Protein Ice Cream review.
WheyHey Tiramisu Protein Granola Ice Cream
Your health concious dinner guests will love you for this! This dessert looks great and tastes even better. But why restrict it to after dinner, it makes a great pre workout snack with the added spike of caffeine. You can use granola or any form of toasted muesli, either will work just fine. You will also need some chocolate flavour whey protein ice cream which can be obtained from WheyHey. The combination of the crunchy oats, rich chocolate WheyHey ice cream and light fluffy coffee flavoured yogurt is a taste sensation which will leave you coming back for more. This desert offers over 30g of protein per serving with an excellent amino acid profile from the whey and casein. Plus a good supply of slow release carbohydrate and very little fat. Did I mention it's also sugar free... Great post workout, even better pre cardio. For more information on WheyHey check out the WheyHey Protein Ice Crea
WheyHey Walnut & Caramel Sauce Ice Cream
This high protein ice cream dessert with a rich creamy caramel sauce, is delicious and very easy to make using the vanilla ice cream from WheyHey. If you don't have any chopped walnuts, then you can replace them with any nuts of your choosing, but I think the slightly bitter taste of the walnuts goes so much better with the sweet caramel. Also, the walnuts offer a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, higher than other nuts, which together with the high protein content provides an almost perfect low carbohydrate treat. For more information on WheyHey check out the WheyHey Protein Ice Cream review.